Ground Breaker Brewing :: ALL ACCESS BREWERY TOUR

Welcome to Ground Breaker Brewing!

Take a behind-the-scenes tour at Ground Breaker Brewing, the United State's very FIRST dedicated gluten free brewery. Learn about their unique brewing style and how they incorporate chestnut and lentils into their brewing recipes. Take a tour of the facilities with Brewmaster Tyler Kueber, and then hear the founding story from the owner James Neumeister. Afterwards we'll go behind-the-scenes with Tyler as he brews a Ground Breaker Pale Ale, and then learn some tricks of the trade from Tyler as he sits down with Best Gluten Free Beers for a value-packed home brewer's Q & A session. YOU asked the questions, and your answers are coming straight from the pros!

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What's Included:

The Brew Tour 0:10

(Meet the team, and tour the brewery!)

The Story 7:26

Founding Story 7:30

The Chestnuts 12:44

The Lentils 14:07

Gluten Free vs. Gluten Reduced 16:29

Challenges 18:27

Naming The Beers 19:44

Sustainability 20:40

Where To Buy (Online too!) 21:41

The Gastropub 23:03

Meet The Chef 23:12

Famous Fried Chicken 25:09

Dessert 26:35

The Brew - Pale Ale 27:42

Roasting Lentils + Chestnuts 27:50

The Equipment 28:11

Ingredients 28:28

Mash 29:38

Vorlauf 31:05

Grain Rinse 32:20

In-House Gluten Test 33:08

Maltodextrin + Sugar 33:26

Sorghum 34:17

"Grain" Out 35:38

Hops 37:02

Whirlpool 38:28

Knock Out 38:55

Q & A with the Brewmaster 40:54

Let's Talk Enzymes 40:56

Added Sugars 41:33

Lentils 41:53

Chestnuts 42:58

Boil Time 43:57

Equipment Modification 44:11

Gluten Testing 44:47

Advice For Beginner Homebrewers 45:59

Head Retention 47:24

Final Words 47:48


Full run time is 49 minutes.

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