Ghostfish Brewing :: ALL ACCESS BREWERY TOUR

Welcome to Ghostfish Brewing Company!

Join me on my tour of Ghostfish Brewing, a warehouse-turned-brewery in the SoDo neighborhood of Seattle, Washington. Ghostfish is currently Washington's one and only dedicated gluten free brewery. Meet the owners, hear the founding story, take a tour of the facilities, and follow owner/brewmaster Jason Yerger as he whips up a Caliente-hopped pale ale on the brewery's pilot system. Then learn some tricks of the trade from Jason as he sits down with Best Gluten Free Beers for a value-packed home brewer's Q & A session.

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What's Included:

The Story 0:00

Founding Story 0:27

Location 6:55

Where To Buy 8:39

Dog Policy 11:35

The Brew Tour 12:56

(the big boy setup)

The Brew - Pilot System Pale Ale 22:56

Ingredients 23:21

Milling The Grain 25:00

Tour Of The Pilot System 26:49

Mash 27:57

Enzymes 29:06

Sparge 31:04

Boil 32:06

Grain Out 32:36

Last Hop Addition 33:19

Knock Out 33:53

Gravity Sample 35:18

Pitching The Yeast 37:12

Fermentation 38:55

Q & A with the Brewmaster 40:18

Let's Talk Enzymes 40:21

Malted Grains vs. Syrups 43:40

Boil Time 44:40

Equipment Modification 45:15

Advice For Beginner Homebrewers 47:18

Sanitation 49:40

Water Profile 50:07


Full run time is 51 minutes.

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