Moonshrimp Brewing :: ALL ACCESS BREWERY TOUR

Welcome to Moonshrimp Brewing!

Join me as I take a tour of Moonshrimp Brewing, a dedicated gluten free brewery in Portland, Oregon. Meet Dan, the owner and brewmaster, and learn first hand how he brews his commercial ales with what's essentially an elaborate homebrewer's setup in a 600 sq. ft. brewery.

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What's Included:

The Brew Tour 0:09

(Tour the brewery with Brewmaster Dan!)

The Story 7:43

Dan's Background 8:18

The Name 10:26

Powered By Community 11:27

The Brew - Fairy Food Ale 12:10

Milling The Grain 12:34

Mash 14:00

Sparge 15:22

Boil 17:51

Salts 18:34

Candi Sugar 19:32

Buckwheat 21:55

Hops 23:05

Sugar Addition 26:20

Chill + Ferment 27:57


Full run time is 30 minutes.

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